‘A’ Assignment: Language in a Digital Age

When looking into all of the sites that were provided on Language in a digital age I really enjoyed Should we worry about our language in the digital age? .  TED talks are something that I always enjoy and find very beneficial and learn a lot from.  I was very interested when Carmen said that technology does not negatively impact our language.  I thought that she would say that it does impact our digital language.  Carmen says technology has a huge impact on our language, but it is not in a bad way.  She talks about writing proper and writing “Text” form.

Just about everyone nowadays either texts or emails each other with emoji’s, smiley faces, and other symbols.  As a future teacher it is important to address writing in proper English.  It is also important to explain what proper English is.  For example talking to friends is generally improper English, because they use slang and abbreviations for words that are not proper English.  Whereas when you are using proper English the slang and abbreviations have to come out.  For example addressing a letter, when it is someone like your friend or your mom you can start it by hey mom or hey Debby.  Whereas when you are addressing someone like a professor or a teacher you should start it by say Dear Mr.  Chesterman, and go on from that.  it is important that your students know how to use proper English.  It is not that it is negatively impacting our language, it is just simply not proper.

As a future teacher it will be important for me to explain to my students what proper English is.  Nowadays everyone is communicating through texting and informal emails.  Which affects the way we communicate but it isn’t in a bad way it is just not proper.  When you have your students writing papers, it will be important to explain to them that it needs to be in proper English.  It is very likely that you will have to be proofread their work and fix a couple improper English errors.  That is to be expected in the society that our students are now growing up in.

Overall digital language is not impacting us in a bad way it is just different.  It is not making us bad learners in the classroom, it is just simply improper English.  As future teachers it is our job to help them understand what proper English is and when and how to use it appropriately.


‘A’ Assignment: Teens and Social Media

I may not be a teenager, but I most definitely am very active on social media and have been on social media since I was probably 15 years old.  I know a lot of teens nowadays started a lot earlier on social media than I did.  I thought that this topic would be really interesting because I was curious about the effects its having on teens and maybe even me since I have been on for a while.

I looked through all of the articles and read some interesting and informative things.  I found it extremely interesting that students and teens are going through anxiety over social media, what?  Throughout the article Social Media is Fueling a Scary Trend for teen Anxiety, it talks about social media being a cause of anxious students.  I never in my wildest dreams would have thought about that.  I grew up in a small town so I didn’t really witness any anxiety from social media happening.

When continuing to read and thinking of different ways teens could get anxious.  I thought bullying could be a huge one if they are getting bullied through social media, that could cause them anxiety to show up to school everyday.  Social media can be a cruel place where people get bullied and nobody stops or speaks up so the teen becomes anxious to go to school and do day-to-day tasks.  Teenagers are irresponsible even when they think they are being responsible and kind.

Social media is something that can show just how irresponsible teens can be.  I can remember a few times when  I first joined where I would see something on Facebook and the next day someone one would say did you see what so and so posted on Facebook.  I never thought a lot about it until reading these articles and seeing how it could cause teens to feel anxious.  Social media is something that needs to be monitored a little more because things like teens being anxious are happening because of social media!

Overall, I think that social media can be a good thing if it is used responsibly.  I think it is important as  future teacher to make sure my students understand the importance of watching what you post on social media.  They need to know that once it is on the internet it is never going away not even if you delete it.  I think that everyone should take time out of the day to inform students and teens on how to be responsible and respectful on social media.

‘A’ Assignment: Children and Technology

Technology is something that everybody has been exposed to even children below the age of 3.  A lot of schools are allowing students to have phones out during different parts of the school day.  I have also seen children as young as 2nd grade carrying around a cell phone with them everyday.  Technology is a big part of today’s society and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Is technology good for children or bad? well there are positives and negatives to everything including technology and children.  I am going to talk about some positive and negatives of children having full access to technology.


Throughout my research I have found that technology is not the problem it is how we use it that can become a problem.  Knowing how to use it and how much to use it is something that you need to find a balance with.  As a future educator it is important to limit the amount of technology time that they get in the classroom.  Yes, it is good to use and be a part of sometimes but it does not need to run the classroom from day-to-day.  Some negative things that people tend to do in today’s society are parents giving children the phone because they are crying or annoying them a little bit.  These are things that they will become used to which in the long-term will be bad because they know that if they annoy you or cry they can get the phone.  As teachers it is important that we don’t fall back on allowing students to use technology to fill in free time.  As a future teacher when we have a little bit of free time I will allow them to read a book write or draw so they are actively using thinking skills and learning things without the screen.

To really hit home on technology, it is really important to be open to suggestion and really look at pros and cons.  I really liked what the article The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child, had to say about the impact.  It talked about how much we rely on technology in our day-to-day live.  I think it is crazy how much we rely on technology, I am just as guilty I always have my phone or my laptop and sometimes both.  It is something that needs improvement but not completely taken out.  It is important that we find a balance and work with technology in a balanced sort of way.

‘A’ Assignment: Reading in the digital age

When you talk about reading in the digital age, you think of things you read on the computer or on your phone like blogs, articles, and so many more different things you can read digitally.  When looking at all of the sites given to look through about digital reading I found What it means to read in the digital age, to be the most helpful for me.  I found a lot of different things that were very beneficial and had a lot to go with it.

Most people have experienced at least some form of reading in the digital age.  For example all of you scrolling through Facebook or reading an article online or even reading this blog post right now.  Guess what you are participating in reading in the digital age.  Throughout the blog it explains pros and cons of being a digital age reader.  One of the things that is the most obvious is just about everybody has access to digital reading whether it be your phone, computer, or any other device it is pretty convenient to use.  Even if you do not have personal access to these devices, you can go to a local library or even a school computer that they are able to access.  All schools have at least one if not more computer labs in them that are accessible to be used.

The cons of digital reading is interesting and definitely something that should be recognized.  Distraction is one of the biggest cons of digital reading, things such as ads can pop up while reading.  When ads pop up a lot of people look at them and if they are interested they will go to the site and look around and next thing you know they have been distracted for fifteen minutes or longer sometimes.  I know even I am guilty of it because my computer will pop up with ads from sites I visit and it makes me want to go look at the new things that come up.  It is crazy how many distractions there is online that can catch your eye and lose focus on what you are supposed to be doing.

Overall it is kind of hard to avoid digital reading all together.  I think it is helpful to have access to all of the things that we do today, but it is also important to limit our screen time throughout the day.  It is important to look at the pros and cons, most people stick to the pros but it is important to look at cons so that you have a full understanding of digital reading.

Activities as a Learner

During the semester there has been so many things going on that have caused me to have highs and lows for sure.  For Digital Literacy I was especially nervous, I had never blogged or even thought about tweeting so how in the world was I supposed to do that for a class.  After looking at the requirements for this class I knew it was going to be hard work to learn from it and to get the work done each week.  After starting the course I was honestly surprised about how the class was going and that I could blog and I could tweet, after getting all of that figured out it was more of a fun thing to do rather than a huge challenge.  I found how to be successful and blogging and tweeting while also learning things that I can take to my future classroom.

When it came to blogging I wasn’t really sure how to or even use the site we were told to use.  Once I got all of that figured out things started coming along nicely.  I have learned that having a blog for the classroom is something I could see myself using and it being very beneficial.  Even twitter can be used for the classroom.  A ton of people my age and older have twitter so when I have my future classroom the parents will most likely be familiar with twitter.  I could have a twitter for my future classroom as well, I am not sure I would use it as much as a blog, just because I like blogging a little more than tweeting.  Though I learned many different things through the course of this semester I would have to say my favorites were learning how to blog and all the different things you can do with if for future classrooms.  It is a great way to involve parents and guardians even students can join a be a part of the classroom blog.

I also really enjoyed the individual learning projects I did.  I learned so much and had so much fun with it.  It challenged me to be more creative and work on a skill that I had wanted to for year but said I was too busy.  I think it is a great thing to do for a class to allow your students to be creative and think outside of the box.  I found it very nerve-racking at first but in the end it was relaxing and a fun thing for me to do each week, and I am so glad that it was a part of the class.

Overall I really enjoyed all the different experiences that I had in this class and am glad I took it.  It is something I was nervous for and didn’t know what I would takeaway from it, but I learned so much and had a great time learning different things I can use for my future classroom.

Elephants in the (Class) room

When first looking at this assignment I was like what is this.  I was not familiar with it or even hear of it for that matter.  After I read the article I understood it and it made sense.  When an elephant is in the room it can make everything uncomfortable or even annoying.  I think the article does a good job of bringing these elephants up in a classroom setting.  Everyone knows what they are but they never bring them up or even talk about them really, they just work with it.  I think that we have  a few things in the education field that need to be brought to our attention.

One thing that I believe needs to be addressed and talked about is students in the classroom getting bored and uninterested.  So many students are bored because they are either uninterested, lost, or already know what you are trying to teach them.  As teachers that is something that I think is easily noticeable when teaching.  I think a way to solve that is to have more student based classrooms.  Some teachers will  be worried about the standards that need to be met, but most of the time they are still being met just in a way you didn’t think of.  Students are interested in a lot of different things and if you can teach what they are interested in you will have so much success.

Another elephant is grades in the classroom are becoming more than learning.  It is important that you inform your students and parents before school start that learning is more important than grades.  Some parents and even students are always concerned about that A+ on the paper, but why when you can measure how well they are doing by what they have learned.  Yes, grades are necessary but they do not define a student in any way.  It is important to get parents and students hooked on that right away otherwise you are going to have the ones that are upset because they don’t have an A or they don’t understand what you mean when you say you are looking for what they have learned so far.

I think that each of the elephants that I listed need to be addressed in the classroom and to the parents and students.  These are things that are so important to a successful classroom.  As a future teacher it is important to understand that these things need to be addressed and handled when they come up, don’t just let them slide.

Teaching Metaphor

This week was a bit of a challenge, I was not expecting to have to make a digital story.  I did not think it would be that difficult, but it was a little more challenging than I was expecting.  It was a little interesting to do a voice over, I had never done that before.  I don’t like hearing myself on tape so it was hard to listen to it all to make sure it sounded okay.  It was a lot of fun to creating with a few challenges, but I got it all figured out so I hope you all enjoy!