What Really Matters

Bud Hunt quote, “Lenses are good for focusing on what matters in a given situation, challenge or opportunity”.  I really love this because it is so true to many times in life I focus and stress about things that don’t really matter as much as I am think it does.  It really makes you look at things a different way that can help you relax and take things day by day.  I like how Bud talks about it through lenses, makes me think of what you can see and what doesn’t need to be stressed about is all determined through which lens you choose to look through.

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Photo CC-By: Katie Hosmer

This post reminded me a lot about the The Jar of Life  and how it talks about putting the important things first every time.  that is what Bud talks about with hacking.  He talks about how the word has been given a bad rap when really all it means is to improve a process or program.  Just like teaching when teaching children you must learn different hacks that will help each child.  It isn’t about trying to make each child learn the same it is finding ways to help each different way of learning the children have.

Playing is the search of freedom within constraints.  Playing with different things leads to powerful learning.  Children need to play, it helps them learn it helps them grow as a person.  It helps children educationally in so many different ways.  Yes I do think they should have free play and constructed play to learn different things.  As a teacher you can give them the materials and tell them to play that is considered constructed play, you give them the tools they need and they explore.  Free play is also very important let them do what they want making sure it is all safe of course and let them ask questions and be curious.

Back to looking at different lenses,  each child you teach and see will have a different lens they are looking through.  As a teacher it is your job to make sure you are helping them learn through their lens and how they see things.  No matter how long you teach or how many children you teach they will all have a different lens.  Some may have a similar one that you have seen but no one person is exactly the same.  Make sure focus on what matters and how you can help your students see what matters as well.

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4 thoughts on “What Really Matters

  1. I love the comment that you made about having students that will be looking through different lenses. It is so true! Every student sees things in different ways and learns using different techniques, so it is important that we understand that everyone is different. I think that teachers need to pay attention to the ways that people learn and the lenses that they are looking through. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am really excited to learn more about the lenses that you are looking through 🙂


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