Every Kid Needs A Champion

Where do I even start? Rita Pierson has been an educator for 40 years and holy cow.  She is an amazing lady who has so much passion for what she does.  I encourage everyone to watcher her TED talk she is truly an inspiration for all educators.  As a future teacher she has set a new standard for me to reach, and I hope all teachers can learn from her.  She by no means is perfect but she is good at what she does, and she loves doing it.  One thing that I really appreciated was when she talked about not liking students.  She said that you are not going to like all of them but they can’t know you don’t like them.  I thought that it was funny but true when she said the ones you don’t like are the ones who are always at school.  Before I watched this video I had no idea who Rita was but now I know I will  never forget her.

The reason I chose Rita’s TED talk was because of the title.  Every Kid Needs A Champion, I was thinking after I read that was that’s true lets see what she has to say.  I wanted to know if what she was gonna say would match up with anything I thought about for being a future teacher.  I couldn’t agree more with Rita every kid does need a champion and sometimes there champion comes from educators.  We don’t always know what the home life of some student’s are and sometimes they need us as educators to show them love and compassion.  Rita talked about a teacher that said she was there to teach and not to actually like the kids.  Rita looked at her and said you are going to have  rough road ahead if you don’t like all your kids.  Rita was right, you must have a passion for teaching otherwise you won’t enjoy it and the children won’t learn.  Children don’t learn from people they don’t like and if you make it obvious you don’t like them it is going to be rough travels through the year.

Rita’s TED talk was amazing, she shared her personal stories which makes it way easier to stay engaged in the video.  She kept it upbeat and honest the whole way through.  I loved how she told her stories and she didn’t sugar coat them like some speakers do she told them just as they happened.  For example her ratio story, she taught it wrong and she figured it out and apologized to her students.  The best part about that story is her students didn’t care they were just so happy about how upbeat she was teaching the lesson.  I highly encourage every person to watch this TED talk!


4 thoughts on “Every Kid Needs A Champion

  1. You can never show your kids that you don’t like them because, if they are old enough, they will use that and make your life even worse than it already is. I also agree that the students you don’t like deep down are the ones that are always at school. Sometimes you are hoping for an easy day where they are not there, but that never happens. That’s what my mom says, at least! You have to like your kids to make it through the day and even this profession. If you don’t, life is going to be misersable I have never met someone who only wanted to teach and didn’t care at all about the kids. Most of the people that I have met and talked to want to do it because they love the kids and they want to make a difference in their lives. That’s why I’m doing it.


    1. I totally agree, if they notice or find out that you don’t like them it is only going to make your life worse. You have to have a passion for what you are doing. You never know where these kids are going to get there next meal or what they are going home to each day. It is up to us as future teachers to make a difference in our students lives.


  2. This was one of the Ted Talks that I was really debating on watching so reading your post was good for me! I love these Ted Talks. Now I want to go watch this one. Passion for kids is the most valuable thing a teacher can have. I really enjoyed your post and I will most likely watch this Ted Talk next!


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