All about Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based learning, what is it? Here is a fun video that gives you a little bit of a better understanding of what inquiry based learning is and what it can do for your classroom Inquiry-Based Learning.

Inquiry based learning is something that I have a little bit of knowledge on but definitely could use more to completely understand and use.  After research I feel as if I have a good understanding of what it is and what it entails.  Inquiry-based learning is a great concept as of my recent research and I am glad that I really have a full grasp of what it is and how I can use it in my future classroom.

So the question is what is inquiry-based learning? As I was researching this question I came across a great site that explained it very will Defined.  It states that inquiry-based learning is first started with a questions and seeking information from each student.  Students carry on the process of inquiry from the time they are born until they die.  It never goes away and it gets students and adults thinking and gets them creative in there learning.  Inquiry-based learning is extremely important, it gets students diving into there own curiosities.   You want your students to be engaged and really enjoy learning what you have for them.  That is exactly what inquiry-based learning does for students, keeps them engaged an actively learning.

When looking at inquiry-based learning you may think what would this look like in my classroom or in any classroom.  Well those were my thoughts as well and I really dove into what it would look like.  While researching and looking I found a really great blog that has a lot to offer about this topic Edutopia.  It really talks about how it is all about triggering your students interests and topic they want to discover.  This process can be very challenging getting your students to really dive into and you as a teacher triggering the interests of your students.  One of the biggest things I have found that teachers need to do is stay positive and always, always encourage your students to go farther in the interest they are having.  When doing this approach with your students, it is important to keep the environment comfortable to learn in and something that can also help trigger interests for your students.

What are the advantages of inquiry-based learning? This site gives many great advantages of inquiry-based learning Advantages.  It gives a great example of the environment of your classroom.  For example it states that you can split your room up into sections and whatever triggers the interests of some students can also trigger others so give them there own little area and just have little stations for the students.  You can find so many advantages of inquiry-based learning, but until you research it for yourself you will never know if it will work for you.  I encourage everyone to research it and see what it is all about and if they could see themselves using it in there future classroom.

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12 thoughts on “All about Inquiry-Based Learning

  1. I like how you described inquiry based learning and how you mentioned that it all starts with a question that the students have to inquire about. Getting students actively engaged in something is hard because most students go to school and zone out to make it through the day. I think to start this out you would have to do things together to show students where to start and where to go. But, once you peak their interest, you can let them go and see what they can come up with. I also like how you mentioned that the teacher needs to stay positive. It can be hard to research things, especially when you don’t know where to start, but you don’t want your students get discouraged because then they won’t go anywhere. Staying positive and helpful is the key.


  2. Kate, your video did a great job of further explaining about what you are going to talk about. I also didn’t have a very strong background on the “inquiry-based learning” until further research between myself and other classmates. Reflecting back on my days in high school, I don’t really remember my class ever having a discussion based lesson. The teacher taught then we did our assignment. Any further questions we would go up and ask. The problem with that is there was many of us with questions. We weren’t given the opportunity to think deep enough. Having an inquiry-based learning would have allowed us students to get a full understanding of what we were learning. I personally think this is one of the most important styles of learning that needs to happen in a classroom.


  3. I really liked the video you included in your post! It alone really helped explain and show what inquiry-based learning was and how it worked in the classroom. I also think that this method would work great especially for newer teachers. I think that it would do a great job to help the teacher understand the students and find what interests them. Great post!!


  4. I really like your choice of video that you attached. I happened to use the same one in my blog about Inquiry base learning. I really like how you talked about the advantages of inquiry based learning. Did you find any disadvantages to inquiry based learning?


  5. Loved your post about inquiry based learning, and I especially enjoyed watching this video. It really helped explain the whole concept, which is something that I would appreciate watching if I were first doing my research. Overall this was a great post!


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