ds106 What is it?

When I first looked into ds106, I was confused and wasn’t sure what it was.  Do not worry it is not as confusing as it may sound.  It is easier to look at it with a different title, it is also known as digital storytelling which is something that I did  not know happened.  This ideas of video storytelling has begun at University of Mary in Washington.  It is available for anyone who wants to join and show creativity.  I have become more educated on the topic and now have a better understanding of what it is all about.

What is digital storytelling? On the website and their use of Wikipedia, it is defined as succinctly as “using digital tools so that ordinary people can tell their own real-life stories” in an emotional and compelling manner.  They are generally short stories less than 10 minutes and involve different interactivity in some.  The website also goes into how this term can be a broader journalistic reference to the variety of emergent new form of digital narratives things such as web-based stories, interactive stories, hypertext’s, fan art/fiction, and narrative computer games.  The definition is still in debate on what it is exactly and what all it entails.

I do think that storytelling can be very beneficial for future teachers and current teachers.  I think that it would be very helpful in the classroom by helping with technology skills and different things with technology.  I also think that it could be a great way to help them express themselves and be creative with things they are learning.  Other things that could help a lot is adding an activity on to it and having them create either a group project or and individual project out of it.

For example an individual project that I would have them do is make them each pick a topic they are interested in.  I would then have them research the topic they chose so that they can get a good understanding on the topic they chose.  I as a teacher will have to teach them about ds106 and have them research it to help them get a good amount of knowledge on ds106.  Once they feel comfortable with ds106 I will have them start creating their video and have fun with the process.

I think overall ds106 can be very beneficial in the classroom and helpful for teachers.  I also think that students can have a lot of fun with it and learn a lot from it and through it.  As a future teacher I will incorporate this into my classroom through individual projects and group projects.  I think it can be very beneficial for students and teachers.


Very helpful website ds106

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