Let’s take a look at Digital Stories!

For my blog post this week I focused on digital stories.  The reason I did this is because I am not as familiar with digital stories as I am with podcast.  I listen and pay attention to podcasts and what is knew all the time.  I wanted to explore more of the digital stories so that I knew more about them and could possibly use them in the future.

I spent a lot of time looking into different digital stories and figuring out what they were all about.  I found some that I found very interesting and fun to look at and learn from.  While I found others a little boring and hard to stay interested in.  I found the longer ones a little harder to stay focused on and enjoying them, whereas the shorter ones were easier to focus and learn from.  While looking through a bunch of them I found one that I really enjoyed and had a lot of interest in.  The Meaning of My Life was the one that I really focused on and really enjoyed.  It was my favorite one out of all of the different ones that I watched.

The video was all about how you can find the most important things in your life and work on those.  It focuses a lot on how you need to focus on the things that are important and meaningful in your life.  I think that it is great to figure out what is good in your life and important.  Once you can get those things figured out it is much easier to live a happier life.  It also talked about that when you have figured out what is important in your life you will be so much happier.  I know that sometimes I focus on things that aren’t important and I shouldn’t let it get to me when I do.  Life is all about figuring out what is important for your life and chasing your dreams in the process.

I think it was very helpful for me this week to look into digital storytelling and what it was all about.  I wasn’t really confident in the topic until this week, when I really looked into figuring out what it was and what it was about.  I did enjoy learning about them and I am glad I now know what they area ll about.  I do see myself continuing to watch digital storytelling in the future and learning and being inspired by the different stories.



19 thoughts on “Let’s take a look at Digital Stories!

  1. I really liked the direction you took with this and how you described digital stories. All of this is new to me because I’m not a big podcast person or digital story person, but you did a great job explaining and making it sound pretty interesting. I also really liked how you pointed out that the longer stories were harder to stay focused on and learn from, while the shorter ones were easier to watch all the way through and actually get something out of it. This is something that you will have to keep in mind if you choose to use this in the classroom, you will have to match the grade level and the length of the video to make sure the students get the most out of every story. Great post!


  2. Katherine, I think it’s so interesting that we are opposites! I didn’t really have any idea about podcasts. I mean I don’t have much experience I guess with digital stories either, but I knew more about them. I found a lot of the digital stories to be interesting as well! I also probably spent more time one them then I should’ve, but hey many of them were inspiring and I always learned something new! Your video choice was really interesting and I enjoyed it! It is important to shift your focus on the more important things. Getting worked up over things that don’t matter really take a toll on your life. Great job!


  3. This digital story sounds very entertaining. I took a look at the link that you included and I think i might listen to it here pretty soon.


  4. I think that it’s always fun to research for awhile about something you are not familiar about and finding out that there is a lot out there that would be beneficial! There are so many podcasts and digital stories that we can use for ourselves in various ways and ones that we can use in our classroom for our students. Great post!


  5. I also focused on the meaning of life. I loved that story! I did not use either podcasts or digital stories in high school so I also did not know much about the topic for this week. Great post!


  6. Great post! When I looked at what we were going to be learning this week, I actually thought, “Oh great, digital stories”, because I just did not really get them. I think they are really cool when they are done correctly, but to me, it seems like a lot of work! I think they would be awesome to use in my classroom for educational purposes, I just don’t think that I would be able to make one!


  7. Very enjoyable post to read this week! I like how all of your posts are really easy to follow and understand and you don’t ever confuse me which I really enjoy. I am glad that I choose to read your post as I targetted my blog this week on podcasts. In all, I thought your examples helped a lot with explaining your reasonings with everything. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I’m glad you have found your confidence in this topic after this week! I am always a little shaken until I actually become familiar with what I am learning. “The Meaning of my Life” sounds very interesting and encouraging. I might just have to listen to it! I’m glad you had some success this week! Thanks for sharing!


  9. I too focused my blog post on digital stories, because I was unfamiliar with them completely. I too found some that were great, and some not so great for lack of better words. It seems like you learned a lot about this topic, and have definitely furthered your knowledge in the digital world. Great post!


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