Creation Tool!

Online creation are very interesting and something that I was not familiar with or really knew what they were until this class.  It is something that I think with practice could be very good for a classroom and I hope to use it in the future.  This tool is something that I am not as comfortable with so you can imagine the failures I had at first.  It ended with some pretty good success so I was pretty happy about that.

When first looking into the subject I read  Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva.  Which was provided in our resources this week and turned out to be very helpful in figuring out the whole process.  It has so many options which is great but how do you choose? I really enjoyed the fact that it gave me two websites to choose from and I looked through and picked the one that worked best for me.  After looking through both of them I found that Canva was the best one for me.  I chose this one because it had a lot of things that I find interesting and like to use when creating things.  I found it pretty easy to navigate it will take some getting used to but for the most part I got it figured out fairly quickly.

When looking int Canva I just dove right in, no need to look how to figure it out just go for it right? Well it wasn’t the best idea but I figured it out.  I most definitely should have taken the time to slow down look at the introductions for it and then jump in.  I most definitely struggled at the beginning but I just kept going.

My final Canva came out pretty good, it is nothing extravagant just a little card I made for my ILP.  It was really fun to do and figure out but it would have been way more helpful if I would have just watched that short video that taught me how to use the site.  Here is a little picture of the card that I made so you guys can all check it out.

Literacy in the Digital Age

The use of online creation tools can be used for so many different things in the classroom. For something as simple as a poster for a project or a card for a friend.  It is really fun to figure out and make different things out of it.  I had  great experience and I hope to use it in my future classroom.


8 thoughts on “Creation Tool!

  1. Online creation tools are extremely interesting and very beneficial! They do a great job attracting attention! These tools also aid students in retaining information and ideas as well as words and concepts associated with the certain images of choosing. I also think the very first website we pulled up help explain a lot considering this was my first time creating something of the sort! Good post and I love your design!


  2. Kate,
    I also struggled at the beginning and became very irritated with it, but when I got around to my second piece I felt more comfortable. Your design turned out really cute and I enjoyed it. I can definitely see someone using Canvas, etc. in the classroom to reach children.
    Madison Seamann


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