Final Thoughts on ILP

My independent learning process has been an amazing experience this semester.  My project was all about baking and trying new things to try to bake.  I had so many things that I wanted to try to bake and things that the class suggested for me to try to bake.  I found great joy in baking that I wasn’t sure that I would find.  It became such a relaxing and fun thing for me to do and experience each week.  I had help and support along the way and that helps so much when you are trying new things that you are unsure about and have never really done.

Along with all the positive and greatness I definitely had some struggles and down times about the whole process.  I have had flops while baking which I have written about in my blogs like most of you have probably seen.  Though I had a few bad a frustrating moments I had so much fun and learned so much.  Through the struggles I found relaxation and a passion for baking and having fun with it.  The things that make it harder to bake are also the things that make you want to do it more and master the task.

Throughout the process of my ILP I also discovered a lot about myself.  I know that sometimes I can be impatient and want instant results which does not work with baking, baking takes time.  Throughout the semester I have found so much patients with baking, I just get excited about the end result and how it is going to look rather than wanting it to be done right away.  Though before I became more patient I would often try to pull my baked goods out of the oven to soon which is not good, because then they are under done which is also not good.  I am so happy that I have learned so much from my ILP and enjoy baking and will continue to learn new things while baking.

I am so happy that I chose this ILP because it has given me the opportunity to learn family recipes that I have always wanted to be able to bake.  It is so exciting know that I can bake something that has been in my family for year, and I have eaten just never baked until now.  I will be able to pass these things on to my family when I get older which makes me so happy because that is what family is all about.   I will most definitely be baking for the rest of my life and trying out new things.


12 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on ILP

  1. Kate, I couldn’t agree more! My ILP has been a fun roller coaster ride! I love learning new things, and this was a great project to do on your own time, because you pretty much became the teacher as well as the learner! You seem to have made incredible progress, great job!


  2. Kate,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your ILP throughout the semester. It looks like you’ve gained a lot of insight on baking throughout the experience. And all of your baking goodies looked amazing! Great job.
    Madison Seamann


  3. I loved reading through your ILP’s throughout this semester. I think you had an overall successful journey, and you have learned a lot. I agree that my ILP has taught me so much throughout the time, and I plan on continuing the journey even after this class. Great job!


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